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Sarah Caruana Dingli and her presentation Pas De Deus inspired by ballerinas was everyones metallic dream! It was the first time there was a presentation like this, with models walking in a choreographed way, which I’ve seen at the international fashion weeks like London on New York! Doesn’t Marina look stunning in this dress!?


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For the first time during Fashion Week, we were introduced to the concept of a presentation which is quite popular during London Fashion Week and in other cities too.

First presentation for the week was by Sarah Caruana Dingli which given the name Pas De Deux the opening of said presentation was gracefully done by a ballerina in a white and gold attire and very strong makeup.

The 10 piece collection featured a mixture of pastel colours, black leather, prints, and ribbons with incorporated also dark tones to create an edgy collection. I particularly enjoyed the crop tops and silk trousers.  In addition the different hair styles and makeup created for this presentation complemented fully the whole theme of the exhibition.

I quite enjoyed this new take at show casing a designer which made it that little bit more relaxed.

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Day 1 of Malta Fashion Week also saw Sarah Caruana Dingli‘s PAS DE DEUX presentation.

Sarah Caruana Dingli’s presentation kicked off with a short performance by the most graceful of ballerinas who danced along the stage, making way to a very interesting collection inspired by the graceful and petite world of ballet. The ten pieces exhibited were all about a mixture of baby pinks, greys and blacks jazzed up and mixed with leather, metallics and silks.

My favourite? A black top with Sarah Caruana Dingli’s logo, leather pants and the most stylish of jackets! ❤


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Malta Fashion Week Sneak Peek !

“Inspired by the two-sided characteristics of ballerinas, and my personal passion.”


This collection reflects the beautiful paradox of elegance, poise, and beauty, with the strength and endurance of the practice.

This collection features pastel colours and ribbons with incorporated dark tones to create an edgy but elegant collection.


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Last Friday I had the pleasure to attend a fashion show organized by the Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards organisation at the Kwalita’ Malta Fair at the MFCC grounds in Ta’ Qali. The fair will be open all throughout this weekend and it celebrates everything that Malta produces basically. Of course, the pavilion that interests me the most is the Fashion Pavilion (pictures below by Mark Soler) which is currently hosting a selection of work from local fashion designers. I must say it is beautifully setup and you are bound to appreciate it even if you’re not that much of a fashion person.

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At twenty-four, Sarah Caruana Dingli has worked with well-renowned fashion designer Julien MacDonald and got to experience being backstage at the London Fashion Week.

Sarah completed a three-year course, B.A(Hons) in Fashion, at Manchester Metropolitan University. The course is particularly intense, as students need to learn how to do prints, how to knit and how to build and promote their own collection. This apart from the theoretical part of the course.

“London Fashion Week is exhilarating – there are models running everywhere, and rooms of models having their hair and make-up done,” she says. This year, she had the opportunity to showcase her own collection at the event in Malta.

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